Explore our collection of sublime, multi-sensory experiences that will transport you to a world of profound healing and complete rejuvenation of the mind and body.

Meditation is one of the key practices prescribed by Alana Ayurveda as part of an Ayurvedic lifestyle routine. This provides peace calmness, inner stillness to the mind which balances the self internally.

All our treatments are all infused with mindfulness meditation and breath-work to create deep relaxation, perspective and time to reflect on life’s thoughts and feelings.

This deep relaxation calms our sympathetic nervous system, communicating that there is no threat to life. This reduces or switches off production of cortisol, often known as the fight-flight or freeze-stress hormone.

By paying attention to our experience of our body and our breath we focus on being rather than striving, thinking or surviving. This awareness and attention engage the parasympathetic nervous system and produces the calming, relaxing hormones such as oxytocin (calming, compassionate, connecting, loving and healing hormones) and endorphins (natural pain killers and mood elevators) neurotransmitters – dopamines.

Learn to meditate with Alana Ayurveda for a one to one coaching session!

All classes available in person or via Zoom.

The session together.

  • What do you hope to gain? Why meditation for you?
  • What is meditation?
  • What are the benefits of a meditation practice?
  • Breathe exercise for calming the body.
  • Understanding past conditioning.
  • Our inner dialogue-cultivating the silent witness.
  • The Power of intention setting.
  • Mantras and their meaning.
  • Meditation.
  • Meditation for Ayurveda home care.

1 or 2 Hour Session of Therapy and Practice.

Prices may vary depending upon the time.

Add 30 minutes to any Ayurveda Treatment

One to One Deep Relaxation

This One to One treatment will help you surrender to the fine art of total relaxation through a signature mindfulness session that is intuitively delivered to help settle the chattering mind and bring you to total mind/heart/body awareness.

The sensory warm medicinal oil on the Marma points (stress points) with warm earth stones will help turn off the repetitive cycle of stress by calming the senses and settling the nervous system.

Good for burnout, exhaustion, stress, pain relief or simple to deep dive into the best relaxation experience you can ever imagine.

  • Free Phone Consultation
  • Treatment Time – 2 Hours
  • Nutrition Script
  • Stress Care and Lifestyle Advice
  • Mindfulness Home Care Tools
  • Cost: £125

-I Am-

Wear awareness In your heart – receive this treatment- ‘I Am Enough’ to feel fully immersed in sensory wellness to increase self confidence, self love and have more compassion for yourself and others.

A unique blend of mindfulness & meditation, visitations, warm healing touch therapy and sensory massage techniques of pressure point massage to ground the body, aromas to calm emotions and to be reminded that you are enough in this world to you the people in your life that truly matter.

…or give this -I am -retreat as a gift to a loved one today to make them feel better, increase their confidence and remind them that they ARE enough.

Good for heartbreak, grief, social anxiety,

Depression or just some much needed self love and support.

  • Free Consultation
  • 2 Hours 30 Minutes
  • Therapy Time
  • Stress Care and Lifestyle Advice
  • Nutrition Script
  • Mindfulness Home Care Tools
  • Cost: £145

Head and Heart Space

A soothing treatment for emotional overwhelm and a restless mind.
A circular dough dam is placed on the centre of the chest and filled with warm soothing rose infused almond oil. Amongst other benefits, rose is healing for the heart and almond restores our vital energy or ‘Ojas’. This is followed by a sensory head treatment (warm oil poured over the forehead) to calm the mind.

  • 1 Hour – £80 
  • 2 hours – £125

Mama Nurture

A blissful head to toe massage treatment! Each treatment is uniquely based on your present moment, emotional needs and energy. This soothing treatment cocoons mama in warm oils suitable for pregnancy, whilst soothing aches and releasing tension, providing deep nourishment to the skin.

  • 2 Hours – £140

The Ayurveda Discovery Experience

Perfect if you are new to this Indian healing system or wanting to dive back into wellness.

Learn about your energy and how to navigate your inner world to feeling whole again.

What’s included;

  • Consultation – Where are you now with your wellbeing?
  • Dosha questionnaire – Know your energy from the Ayurveda perspective.
  • Ayurveda treatment – The recommend One to One retreat therapy will be prescribed and administered with a warm herbal Dosha oil!

Mind and heart practice- activate the hearts self-loving awareness and reconnect the mind for an authentic way of feeling and being.

Aftercare and lifestyle advice to sustain your wellbeing.

  • Duration: 2 Hours 30 minutes
  • Cost: £160