Alana Ayurdeva has helped me feel relaxed, rejuventated and nutured. I’ve tried so many different varieties of massage and treatments in the past and I was still surprised to experience something I hadn’t before, which was the Prinda Sweda Massage. I highly recommend Alana if you want feel a touch of a deeply caring practitioner who is passionate about her craft and intuitively guides you to your wellness.

Darya Haitoglou

I was quite intrigued by the Shirodhara treatment as it is an ancient technique used in India over 5000 years ago. I know I have a pitta body consitution so the Shirodhara treatment was the perfect choice for me to unwind and release. The herbal oils dropping on my forehead felt very soothing and quite tranquillising. Post treatment, I had a sense of clarity and calmness which was quite nice. I would definitely recommend Alana to simply switch off from a busy lifestyle and feel totally serene and re-energised.

Anand Parekh

Alana is an incredible therapist/healer who instinctively and intuitively knows what your body needs. I would highly recommend everyone has a session with Alana as part of your wellness and taking care of yourself regine.

Lisa Spencer-Arnell

Deep relaxation and connectedness at its best. Alana’s whole body massage with a focus on the chakras and pressure points releases tension and makes you feel grounded. Alana tailored her massage to compliment my Dosha balance. The results were highly impactful, clearing and lasted for days.

Nicola Ellwood